Logo: We see Tex the robot from the previous logo, as he appears out of nowhere right in front of us when the camera spins. He has a can in his hand which has a picture of a cow on a field and says "moo" (which is in a bubble cloud, as if the cow were saying it, it actually says lol), and the only way we see it is that Tex zooms it up towards us closer. He takes it back, and turns it upside down, and dips it, realizing the can is empty. After flipping it right side up again, Tex gives us a "one minute" signal, and flies away. In the meantime, while we see nothing but the background, we hear him gathering something as he then returns with the "moo can". This time, however, he also has a plug in his opposite hand, and plugs it into the can. As he turns it, the scene turns to the Sound Choir puppet show from Baby Macdonald. After that, we hear the sound of cows mooing, and, beside that, Wellington Van Cow joins in, Julie The Sheep joins with her bleating, and as the THX logo appears sliding up from the middle of the screen to nearly the top, Roger The Rooster begins crowing with the other 2 animals. Back at the THX logo begins to rumble and shake. Tex sees this, and he nervously flies off with the can and the plug. The THX logo jolts to the left side for a moment before going back to it's normal position. And, like the last logo, , the black screen with the text "The Audience is Listening" falls to the screen.

  • Most of the time, the THX logo is already seen at the very beginning of the trailer before the animation begins, which means that, in this variant, Tex is basically doing all of his animation right in front of the logo. On a few alternate occasions between 1997 and 2005, the Lucasfilm Ltd. name was seen on top of THX; then the screen falls as usual, but replaces "The Audience Is Listening" with "The Best Sound, The Best Picture. You're Watching a THX Certified Feature." (as seen in the "Cavalcade" trailer)
  • In the Farm Can version, when the cows moo, it shifts to when Wellington Van Cow, Julie The Sheep, and Roger The Rooster are redoing the sound choir. The screen falls as usual, but rather than a black screen, it's a pen with a cow, sheep, pig, horse, chicken, and rooster in it and it replaces "The Audience Is Listening" with "Animals"