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from 1983-present.... THX has had many different trailers..... Here's a list of ALL of them.

  • Wings - The first THX trailer, in Star Wars The Return of Jedi in 1983 introducing THX to the whole world!
  • Broadway - A popular THX trailer with the blue rectangle and the Deep Note.
  • Cimarron - The first alternate THX trailer. and thunder sounds in the Laserdisc version
  • Grand - An old-school THX trailer with a different Deep Note for kids.
  • Simpsons/Tex - A good 1994 trailer on Burns' Heir/The THX robot mascot, Tex, fixes the logo after a crash.
  • Tex 1: Broken and Fixed - The THX logo accidently breaks and Tex fixes the THX logo.
  • Tex 2: Moo-Can - Tex connects the THX logo to a Moo Can.
  • Broadway 2000 - A trailer used in the year 2000 at THX theaters.
  • Terminator 2 - Similar to Cavalcade, but there's a T2 logo at the beginning, which shatters into pieces, melts, and turns into a THX logo.
  • Cavalcade - The dark and stormy side of the ball and the THX logo.
  • Bounty - It was only shown in THX theaters during 2003.
  • Horton
  • Gone Wild 2 - It was on thee trailer for Gone Wild 2
  • Shrek - A never-before-seen THX trailer revealing the secrets of the Deep Note with Dreamworks Characters.
  • Amazing Life - A great THX trailer, with music composed by each award-winning composer.
  • Tex 3 - A THX trailer used in THX-certified cars.
  • Mac & Friends - Another THX trailer, on the movie of Mac & Friends 3.
  • GoAnimate - This one was shown in August 9, 2013, at THX theaters that showed Brian & the Tornado.
  • Broadway 3D - A 3D THX trailer on the Calibrator Disc.
  • A Fine, Fine School - A THX Trailer That Was Seen On A Fine, Fine School.

Create a THX trailer contestEdit

  • Whoa - A man puts a disc in a DVD player and turns it on. The THX logo on TV zooms in and pops out of the TV
  • Jobe
  • A Good Idea
  • The Audition
  • Audience
  • Phobia

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